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Edge Web AcceleratorLatency under 10msaccross the globe

The Edge Web Accelerator (EWA) allows for the optimization of every request, web pages, and assets before being delivered to the end-user by acting as a middleware and cache layer for any web application.

Augment the technologies you love


Accelerate, route, mutate & securely deliver every request

A technology that is highly scalable and customizable. Web Applications usually have a common architecture, but there might be limitations within the points of the infrastructure that won’t allow proper optimization and securely deliver every request.

The Edge Web Accelerator will enable any type of architecture to adapt to the latest web specifications and for a lighter design of new web applications.

No Code Integration

You only need to change a DNS record

High Availability

Availability of content during network interruptions.

CDN Delivery

216 edge locations accross the globe ensures the fastest delivery times

Instant Improvements

No deploys, no code changes, no hassle.


Enable HTTP/2 for faster and more secure requests.

Brotli Encoding

Compatible with the latest encoding formats, reducing the size of your assets and improving browser speed.

First Level Image Optimization

Enable first level image optimization with no extra effort.

Automatic Software Updates

All the improvements automatically distributed to all your users in terms of seconds.

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