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  • MozJPEG support

  • Super Fast Device Detection

  • Top Tier Global CDN

  • 216 edges and regional caches worldwide

  • Automatic Software Updates

  • Super easy to integrate!


Some frequently asked questions, answered

  • Can I use Piio Images on React?

    Yes, just run npm install piio-images-react and follow our React docs

  • I'm using WordPress, how can I integrate Piio Images?

    Sure! And it's very easy to install. Follow the instructions here

  • Where can I find the Documentation?

    If you want to read the docs before signing up, you can click here

  • What browsers does Piio support?

    We support all the newest browsers for desktop and mobile, plus some old versions. It's hard to recreate test scenarios for every case, check the list of what browsers we test on here.

  • Can I use Piio Images on Vue?

    Yes, just run npm install piio-images-vue and follow our Vue docs

  • How does pricing scales?

    You can check our pricing chart here. If you need volume pricing, it seems that you'll need to talk to an expert.

  • Is Piio like a regular CDN?

    Not at all! Piio uses a CDN to deliver your images, but that's only a small part of what Piio does... find out more about it here

  • Is Piio Retina ready?

    Piio is the only technology that offers real high-DPR (device-pixel ratio) support. Find out more here

  • What happens if I get more monthly unique visitors than expected?

    We will never play with the option of not showing your images, it is a principle for us. Your images will always be there, contact sales to talk about metered plans.

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